Welcome to the Ottawa’s locally grown virtual farmers market.

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The virtual farmers market approach has been test marketed successfully around the world.

If you are interested in contributing to the organic growth of this community as a buyer and/or seller, you are invited to connect with our Community Cultivator ottawa@locallygrown.net.

We are chomping the bit to open our doors, and connect growers with buyers, in a sustainable manner… .

Why are we doing this? Over the past 60 years, Canadians have embraced the post-World War II boom of advancements which led to conveniences like big box grocery stores, inventions like chemical sprayers and new irrigation systems, and chemicals that are too numerous to list, along with all their side effects. But now health conscious Canadians are showing a desire and willingness to move back to pre-World-War II growing practices that assure that the food they are eating and feeding their families is as chemical-free as possible.

Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/the-happy-homesteader/virtual-farmers-markets-the-future.aspx#ixzz2HOv6mKzG

What’s in it for me, you might ask? As a buyer, you don’t have to be at the farmers market first thing in the morning to get the best produce. In the midst of winter, do you crave fresh vegetables coming straight from the local farm, rather than those shipped in from halfway around the world? In the summer, are you looking forward to an alternative for shopping in the hot summer sun choosing foods that you want for the coming week? What would you prefer? A delivery that gives you whatever produce has been grown for the week, or being fully in charge of the food you will be receiving at the place you decide (home or central pick up spot)?

For the farmers, there will be no more midnight picking the night before the market to ensure having enough product, because with this virtual farmers market program, everything is pre-ordered, the farmer knows exactly how much to harvest. One farmer sang the praises of his local virtual farmers market: he picks, washes and dries, packs and labels all at once according to the printout that is sent to him, so that when he comes in from the field, he is ready to load and deliver to the market.

Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/the-happy-homesteader/virtual-farmers-markets-the-future.aspx#ixzz2HOuYslkC

Enjoy picking & eating the foods that you and your healthy body crave, and return the food back to its original place: the community market where farmers and food lovers meet.

Connect with Ottawa’s locally grown market through our locally grown community cultivator 613-858-8090 ottawa@locallygrown.net